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Rimmel London: Product Launch Social Campaign

Project type

Social Media, Tumblr



To promote Rimmel London’s Retro Glam Mascara, we gave the retro look a modern spin with Modcasts—a series of retro-inspired content delivered as weekly “episodes” to our fans.

We created original content and curated beauty roundups for each episode, including make-up tutorials, fashion tips, and retro playlists. Then we encouraged fans to submit their own #ModMonday looks for a chance to win retro prizes each week. We also sent a retro British taxi photo booth to college campuses during the back-to-school season, encouraging girls to try the make-up, take photos, and share them on social.

Using Tumblr as our hub, we aimed to expand our reach beyond beauty by partnering with influencers in the fashion and lifestyle industries. In doing so we provided our target with everything they needed to know about the retro look from head-to-toe—and beyond.

During the 6-week campaign we saw:
– 200k+ organic visits
– 13k+ new followers
– 2.7MM engagements
– 16k reblogs (18x the Tumblr average)
– Rimmel London took the number 1 spot on Tumblr in the beauty category
– Our YouTube channel saw a 516% increase in views

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