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Meet Kim:
Business Owner, Creative Copywriter, Photographer

Hi! I'm Kim, a multi-passionate creative whose entire career has been a journey in creating my own path.

I have a BFA in Advertising from the School of Visual Arts in NYC, and have spent the last 15 years creating campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world. Working at agencies throughout New York, London, and Los Angeles has helped me win 11 awards and learn from some of the most brilliant creative minds on the planet.

In 2020 I founded Goodera®, a creative agency that works exclusively with purpose-driven brands and gives back 10% of each invoice to help further their missions. In 2022 I entered a Wethos competition and won $10k to help further my vision and the impact we've been able to make.

Outside of advertising, I've been featured in People Magazine and The New York Times Frugal Traveler for my travel writing adventures. I've also ghost-written executive speeches, produced in-depth editorial work for humanitarian organizations, and had my landscape photography go viral for tourism boards. When I'm not behind a computer I'm usually on the road, hiking in the mountains, chasing the aurora borealis, and sleeping in the back of my Jeep, Louie.

Through my love of problem solving, writing, and photography, I'm on a mission to build a better, more sustainable and inspiring future for creative professionals. I'm all about creating my own path, and I love to connect with others who are doing the same!


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