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Durex: Social Media

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Social Media



Since every state has its own flag, flower, bird, and even rock, we decided it’s time they each have their own sex position too. So we opened the conversation up to our audience to determine which get-busy positions they feel best represent their state.

We started by giving our fans a little inspiration along with the chance to create and submit their own unique sex position name. Then we chose our top three for every state, wrote a short description for each, and put them up for our fans to vote on using targeted posting to encourage even more local fans to vote for their state’s position.

Once the contest closed, we tallied up the votes to determine the winning position, gave it an illustration, and sent the creator a Durex prize pack and certificate to credit them with the official naming of their state’s sex position. We then posted a complete album featuring all 50 states’ positions for our fans to browse through, comment, share, and try for themselves.

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