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Boston Beer Company: Bevy Long Drink Product Launch




Creative Director, Copywriter

Project Type

Launch Campaign, Pitch, Social Media

During my time at Critical Mass, my partner Carla Smith and I led (and won) Creative on a new business pitch for Bevy Long Drink—an innovation beverage from Boston Beer Company that was inspired by Finland's traditional Long Drink, and launched in select markets.

After winning the pitch, we had the opportunity to create two original campaigns on a limited budget—one was a launch campaign designed to introduce the brand across paid social assets, and the other an evergreen content series to sustain beyond launch.

Two days before we were set to lock in creative for our shoot, our main competitor launched a nearly identical campaign, challenging us to pivot and adapt all of our creative for client sign off within 48 hours. Then, shortly after the two-day shoot the brand launch was placed on indefinite hold while budget was allocated to other Boston Beer Company brands, but we were still tasked with delivering 100+ pieces of original content.

Below is a small selection of some of the work we created.

LAUNCH CONTENT: The "Finnin’ Good" Sauna Series

One of our key challenges was ensuring that Bevy Long Drink came across as an American product inspired by Finland, as opposed to it being an authentic Finnish beverage. To do this, we created a video series depicting an American tourist in Finland, following along as he experiences an iconic Finnish sauna alongside a more traditionally deadpan Finnish man. The videos introduce and explain what Bevy is, as our lovable tourist asks questions and learns about all things Bevy and Finnish culture.

Ranging from straightforward answers to some of the most common questions we heard from our target audience, to more playful promo videos, these are just a few of the videos we produced to help introduce the brand and personality.

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