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TBS: Angie Tribeca Binge-a-Thon Social Campaign




Senior Copywriter

Project type

Social Media, Launch Campaign

Created by Steve and Nancy Carell, Angie Tribeca is a spoof on police procedurals that aired on TBS. Our team at VaynerMedia handled the social media throughout multiple seasons, most notably during the "Binge-a-Thon" that helped promote the series launch.

TBS premiered the entire first season at once, playing every episode back-to-back on repeat for 25 hours. During those 25 hours our team filled our coffee mugs and locked ourselves in war rooms (both in the office and on-set at the on-air telethon) to bombard fans with hilarious, engaging, custom content as the episodes played on air.

Both before and during the event, the Binge-A-Thon was a massive undertaking by the entire team to plan, concept, write, create, and share a mind-blowing amount of original content in real time.

During those 25 hours, we:

– Created 2,100+ pieces of original content
– Saw 112.2MM hashtag impressions
– Trended at #2 on Twitter for over five hours straight

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